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This web page is designed to allow you to make suggestions and recommendations that will then be shared with all of the Stakeholders in Newsletters, Webinars and Social Media.  We appreciate your participation.

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LIFE Social Media - Join the Conversation

The Low Income Forum on Energy (LIFE) exists as a tool for interaction between people that work serving the needs of the low income community. Social media presents an incredible opportunity for LIFE to communicate with and hear from its stakeholders in real time.

These are some of the types of dialogue we are sharing on LIFE Social Media:
- Interesting articles and ideas
- Best Practices
- Requests for information or assistance
- Announcements
- Whatever stakeholders feel is appropriate and useful

Linkedin has been chosen because of its focus on professional networking.
We have created the “Low-Income Forum on Energy” Linkedin group. To participate you must request admittance and be accepted. This is done by clicking on the LinkedIn icon below.  Messages posted to the group will be visible to members only.

LIFENYS Twitter Feed.
Twitter allows for the distribution of brief messages called Tweets (140
characters or less in length). The Twitter feed allows you to “follow” LIFE.
Tweets will include announcements about the LIFE program and
events, energy savings tips, program ideas, links to useful information (articles,
video, newsfeeds, websites, reports). LIFE will also follow selected Twitter
accounts of others and will Retweets relevant messages from them as
appropriate.  To follow LIFE click on the Twitter Icon below.

Click on the icons below to participate in the LIFE LinkedIn Discussion Group or Twitter Feed

If you have any questions or need additional information call the LIFE Hotline at 877-NY-SMART ext. 5
or send us an email at